Frequently Asked Questions


Q: After I login, I see a message "Loading tranSMART...", and then a blank page (or a message "connection refused").

A: It is very likely that you have ports 8181..8199 blocked on your network. Please contact your IT to open the ports and try again.

Q: Which Internet Browser should I use?

A: While the system should work for all modern browsers, we recommend using a latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

Q: I have created a NeuroShare account, but confirmation email never arrived

A: Some services mark confirmation messages as spam. Please check your spam folder, and if the email is not there, please let us know. Alternatively, you may try signing up with another email account.

Q: What is the difference between NeuroShare account and LONI account?

A: We are asking you to create a NeuroShare account to make sure we can monitor system usage and distribute visitors evenly. The LONI account is the one that regulates your access to the datasets in tranSMART. That said, you can definitely use the same email account for both NeuroShare and LONI.

Q: Why are some datasets in tranSMART grayed out?

A: Your access to datasets is determined by your LONI credentials. Please contact LONI and request permissions to access additional datasets.

Q: Where can I find more information about tranSMART?

A: You can start by looking at tranSMART Foundation Training & Tutorial Program.

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